*Tailored Guidance for Technical Professionals*

    Personalized coaching designed to meet your specific needs.

       Ensure role model leadership for Senior Leaders and geographically dispersed teams

          My approach incorporates key coaching models to ensure comprehensive support:

I specialize in developing other mentors by providing comprehensive supervision and support

    The Developmental Model

       The Normative Model

          The Restorative Model

*TEAM MORALE MASTERY* Eleveate team morale with our blueprint for 4x eNPS score growth

    Strategic team topology design - analyse your organisations goals to meet outcomes

       Comprehensive career progression frameworks

          Model your team comms strategy in collaboration tools

The Engineer Experience

Activate your Engineering organisation potential through Conways Law

  • Experienced Slack Administration

    We can model your target team culture in comms practices using Slack

  • Exerperienced Jira Administration

    We can configure your Agile processes in change management flows

  • Experienced Confluence Administration

    Capture your knowledge estate, perserve your innovation strategy

  • Analyse current state and target team topologies

    We can map your teams to maximise flow of productivity against best practices

  • Manage Engineering Managers

    Frameworks to scale up your influence on multiple teams

  • We can be your Technical HR Assistant

    Assist Talent Acquisition screens, HR onboarding and 1:1 frameworks

Start your journey today

Daniel Woolfson has 20+ years experience as a software mamagement leader, building and operating Engineering teams just like yours. Now leverage his playbook to slingshot your Engineering team to innovate and communicate with a structure of significance from day 1.